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Square and Rectangular Covers

Square Covers GeneralSQ1 Square cover diagonally divided – Exeter.

Square Covers GeneralSQ2 Standard large cover, Exeter.

Square Covers GeneralSQ3 St Thomas Pleasure Ground. Very early G & K with “Engineers” tag. The grounds opened in 1891 so this might date from then. There is no “Limited”.

Square Covers GeneralSQ4 East Devon Water Board Stop Valve Cover.

Square Covers GeneralSQ5 North Devon Water Board. 17” width.

Square Covers GeneralSQ6 Torquay Station. Meter box Cover 19” width.

Square Covers GeneralSQ7 Inspection Cover. In pavement near Malt House Inn, Exeter.

Square Covers GeneralSQ8 Large inspection cover with skewed raised lettering and Target Style central rings. Little Silver near St David’s Church Exeter.

Exeter generalSQ9 Dated lettering on top edge and no “Limited” (pre 1924) in Crediton High Street.

Exeter generalSQ10 Any Ideas as to what WO means – Water Outlet ??? Exeter.

Square Covers GeneralSQ11 St Thomas Exeter – Diagonally divided large square cover. Name only on one triangle.

Square Covers GeneralSQ12 The lettering like SQ 8 is skewed but in a mirror image to the Little Silver Cover – otherwise identical. Exeter.

Square Covers GeneralSQ13 Mucky standard Cover with central Lettering. Sherborne, Dorset.

Square Covers GeneralSQ14 Almost the same as SQ 1 except the “Exeter” and the raised square location in that area is different. Exeter.

Square Covers GeneralSQ15 Different variation to pattern and lettering layout. Exeter.

Square Covers GeneralSQ16 A Manhole spotters Red Letter Day !! Two pre 1924 (without the “Limited”) side by side adjacent to the OLD Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital in Southernhay. Exeter. Dated old style of lettering.

Square Covers GeneralSQ17 We can’t have a section on Square & Rectangular Covers without an appearance of my shoe so here we are just getting a look in on a CONFUSED East Devon Water Board Meter Cover. Which way ‘round is the right way ‘round?

Square Covers GeneralSQ18 Everything facing the right way for the East Devon Water Board.

Square Covers GeneralSQ19 Large Cover – Angled corner. Exeter.

Square Covers GeneralSQ20 Diagonally divided cover – GAS on one triangle. Exeter.

Square Covers GeneralSQ21 Pre 1924 and dated lettering Airtight Inspection Cover. With the circular grabs concreted over not so easy to get up !! Exeter.

Square Covers GeneralSQ22 Slightly anglerd corner cover variant.. Butts Road, Exeter.

Square Covers GeneralSQ23 The Seen Almost Everywhere Hydrant cover. Often daubed in yellow! Exeter.

Square Covers GeneralSQ24 East Devon Water Board “Air Valve” Cover (?) Nr Beech Avenue, Pennsylvania, Exeter.

Square Covers GeneralSQ25 Standard Water Meter Cover Exeter.

Square Covers GeneralSQ26 Diagonally divided Gas cover, GAS on both sections. A reminder that WILLEYS did not have the monopoly for Covers - this one was most appropriately found in the middle of Willeys Avenue, Exeter !

Square Covers GeneralSQ27 Most puzzling - on the back of the photograph of this unusual SEWER Cover is the word JORDAN. It is possible that my father visited Jordan and found it there.

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